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Searching for that hard to find Anchorman piece to add to your collection? Check us out for the latest Anchorman collectibles as well as many other favorite Anchorman collectible items!

Anchorman: I Heart Lamp Keychain

Anchorman: I Heart Lamp Keychain

Ron Burgundy makes everyones heart sizzle. The whole cast is just stoic figures of heroism and that's while you'll love this "I Heart Lamp" Keychain. It just epitomizes the whole Anchorman experience in a wondrous piece of metal. ... More Information

Anchorman: Logo Keychain

Anchorman: Logo Keychain

This awesome Keychain features the iconic Anchorman logo and you're gonna love it! The movies that have shaped your life will be a part of your everyday life permanently, that is unless you misplace your keys… while in a knife fight… in a park? ... More Information

Anchorman: Ron and Scotch Keychain

Anchorman: Ron and Scotch Keychain

Watch Ron hold a nice glass of Scotch on this Keychain. He does it so well and with such talent. Can you even attempt to hold a glass of Scotch like this?... More Information

Anchorman Buttons

Anchorman Buttons

Get your Ron Burgundy pride on with these Buttons. They boast 4 slogans from the film franchise and the long legacy of morning news. Everyone will ask to pose with you and then ask if you work for news. You will proceed to give a faux newscast and everyone will then want your autograph. ... More Information

Anchorman Ron Burgundy Mug

Anchorman Ron Burgundy Mug

Ron Burgundy is a role model and idol to all! His epic story and persona have changed the way we live our lives and go about our mornings. Sure, 95% of those changes may be considered dysfunctional by some but nonetheless they have changed us and we are surely grateful. Make Ron a physical part of your morning with this awesome portrait Mug and remember "Stay Classy."... More Information

Anchorman News 4 Mug

Anchorman News 4 Mug

Get your Morning News Coffee on with an actual Channel 4 News Team Mug. You can have a morning meeting, toast all your Mugs, and even watch the News and yell at the screen like a raging TV producer. ... More Information

Anchorman, Ron Burgundy Dress Up Kit

Anchorman, Ron Burgundy Dress Up Kit

If you love Ron Burgundy so much that you want to be him, now's your chance! Put on this Wig and Mustache and become Ron instantly. Fans will rush to get your autograph and scream your name. You will be the ultimate in newscaster stardom, known in San Diego and beyond. Get ready for your close-up, the camera's about to make you shine!... More Information

Anchorman Flask

Anchorman Flask

If Ron Burgundy is your hero, you've got more problems than we can deal with. Just kidding, he's an all American hero and a wonder in drinking culture. He approves and carries this Anchorman Flask. With approximately 6 oz. of storage, you'll have a good amount of Drinking versatility before you hit the stage, event, or press conference. Stay Classy San Diego!... More Information

Anchorman Shot Glass Set

Anchorman Shot Glass Set

Get a whole lotta Ron with this awesome Shot Glass Set. There are enough to feed the entire crew Shots galore and you'll be treated with classic Ron Burgundy quotes on each Glass!... More Information

Anchorman Giant Beer Pilsner

Anchorman Giant Beer Pilsner

Ron Burgundy likes his his Drinks big and his entrances epic. Get ahold of this Giant Pilsner that'll make regular Pilsner Glasses shudder in shame. It holds a whopping 5 Beers and comes complete with Ron doing his signature jump. Fine liquor doesn't get any finer than this friends!... More Information

Anchorman Shirt -

Anchorman Shirt - "I'm Kind of a Big Deal"

Ron Burgundy is everyone's hero. He's the best Anchorman in all of San Diego and no one could ever take his place. Much like you, he's Kind of a Big Deal and by Kind of, I mean an enormous star. So get this power-player Shirt on and hit the town. We'll pretend you're moving in slow motion and add an epic soundtrack to accentuate your skills.... More Information

Anchorman Ron Burgundy Bust Statue

Anchorman Ron Burgundy Bust Statue

Great men deserve to be immortalized in Bronze. The greatest of men deserve to be immortalized in Faux-Bronze. Get your Ron Burgundy Bust Statue and set your library, smoking room, or lounge apart from less popular individuals'. Let him provide a sense of class in your space that'll make even the collector's item encyclopedias on your top shelf fall madly in love.... More Information

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